L4Re – L4 Runtime Environment
Kernel Objects

API of kernel objects. More...

+ Collaboration diagram for Kernel Objects:


 C factory interface to create kernel objects.
 Secure communication object.
 C IRQ interface.
 Interrupt controller
 The C Icu interface.
 L4 kernel object type information
 Type information for L4 server objects that can be called via IPC.
 Platform Control C API
 C interface for controlling platform-wide properties.
 C interface of the Scheduler kernel object.
 C interface of the Task kernel object.
 Thread object.
 Virtual Console
 Virtual console for simple character based input and output.
 Virtual Machines
 Virtual Machine API.

Data Structures

class  L4::Vm
 Virtual machine host address space. More...
class  L4::Kobject
 Base class for all kinds of kernel objects and remote objects, referenced by capabilities. More...

Detailed Description

API of kernel objects.

Include File
Kernel object system calls.