L4Re – L4 Runtime Environment
Base API

Interfaces for all kinds of base functionality. More...

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 Basic Macros
 L4 standard macros for header files, function definitions, and public APIs etc.
 C++ IPC Interface Definition.
 APIs for defining IPC interfaces using C++ as language.
 Cache Consistency
 Various functions for cache consistency.
 C interface for capabilities.
 Error codes
 Common error codes.
 Fiasco extensions
 Kernel debugger extensions of the Fiasco L4 implementation.
 Flex pages
 Flex-page related API.
 Integer Types
 Kernel Interface Page
 Kernel Interface Page.
 Kernel Objects
 API of kernel objects.
 Memory operations.
 Operations for memory access.
 Memory related
 Memory related constants, data types and functions.
 Object Invocation
 API for L4 object invocation.


file  cache.h
 Cache-consistency functions.
file  compiler.h
 L4 compiler related defines.
file  consts.h
 Common constants.
file  debugger.h
 Debugger related definitions.
file  factory.h
 Common factory related definitions.
file  icu
 Interrupt controller.
file  icu.h
 Interrupt controller.
file  ipc.h
 Common IPC interface.
file  irq.h
 C Irq interface.
file  kip
file  kip.h
 Kernel Info Page access functions.
file  memdesc.h
 Memory description functions.
file  types.h
 Common L4 ABI Data Types.
file  vhw.h
 Descriptors for virtual hardware (under UX).
file  consts.h
 Common L4 constants, arm version.
file  consts.h
 Common L4 constants, amd64 version.
file  ipc.h
 L4 IPC System Calls, x86.
file  consts.h
 Common L4 constants, x86 version.

Detailed Description

Interfaces for all kinds of base functionality.

Some notes on Inter Process Communication (IPC)

IPC in L4 is always synchronous and unbuffered: a message is transferred from the sender to the recipient if and only if the recipient has invoked a corresponding IPC operation. The sender blocks until this happens or a timeout specified by the sender elapsed without the destination becoming ready to receive.