L4Re – L4 Runtime Environment

UTCB definitions for amd64. More...

#include <l4/sys/types.h>
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Data Structures

struct  l4_exc_regs_t
 UTCB structure for exceptions. More...


typedef struct l4_exc_regs_t l4_exc_regs_t
 UTCB structure for exceptions.


enum  L4_utcb_consts_amd64
 UTCB constants for AMD64.


l4_umword_t l4_utcb_exc_pc (l4_exc_regs_t const *u) L4_NOTHROW
 Access function to get the program counter of the exception state. More...
void l4_utcb_exc_pc_set (l4_exc_regs_t *u, l4_addr_t pc) L4_NOTHROW
 Set the program counter register in the exception state. More...
l4_umword_t l4_utcb_exc_typeval (l4_exc_regs_t const *u) L4_NOTHROW
 Get the value out of an exception UTCB that describes the type of exception.
int l4_utcb_exc_is_pf (l4_exc_regs_t const *u) L4_NOTHROW
 Check whether an exception IPC is a page fault. More...
l4_addr_t l4_utcb_exc_pfa (l4_exc_regs_t const *u) L4_NOTHROW
 Function to get the L4 style page fault address out of an exception.
int l4_utcb_exc_is_ex_regs_exception (l4_exc_regs_t const *u) L4_NOTHROW
 Check whether an exception IPC was triggered via l4_thread_ex_regs(). More...

Detailed Description

UTCB definitions for amd64.

Definition in file utcb.h.