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L4Re C Interface

Documentation for the L4Re C Interface. More...

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 Capability allocator
 Capability allocator C interface.
 DMA Space Interface
 DMA Space C interface.
 Dataspace interface
 Dataspace C interface.
 Debug interface
 Event interface
 Event C interface.
 Initial Environment
 C interface of the initial environment that is provided to an L4 task.
 Kumem allocator utility
 Kumem allocator utility C interface.
 L4Re Util C Interface
 Documentation of the L4 Runtime Environment utility functionality in C.
 Log interface
 Log C interface.
 Memory allocator
 Memory allocator C interface.
 Namespace interface
 Namespace C interface.
 Region map interface
 Region map C interface.
 Video API


long l4re_inhibitor_acquire (l4_cap_idx_t cap, l4_umword_t id, char const *reason)
 Inhibitor C interface. More...

Detailed Description

Documentation for the L4Re C Interface.

The interface functions closely align with the C++ functions and add no further functionalities.

For new programs it is advised to use the C++ interface.

Function Documentation

◆ l4re_inhibitor_acquire()

long l4re_inhibitor_acquire ( l4_cap_idx_t  cap,
l4_umword_t  id,
char const *  reason 

Inhibitor C interface.

Acquire an inhibitor lock.

capCapability for the Inhibitor object (
See also
idID of the inhibitor lock that shall be acquired.
reasonReason why the inhibitor lock is acquired. (Used for informing the user or debugging.)
0 for success, <0 on error
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