L4Re – L4 Runtime Environment
Sigma0, the Root-Pager

Sigma0 is a special L4 server that serves as the origin for mapping the main memory.

It is started by Fiasco.OC on the system boot and gets full access to all userland RAM and device memory. It functions as the pager (main memory provider) for Moe and as the provider for device memory for IO.


There is only one instance of Sigma0 in an L4Re system, which is made accessible to Moe via an IPC gate capability. Using this capability, Moe can request Sigma0 to create new communication channels to itself by creating additional IPC gate capabilities. This request is done using the L4::Factory interface. This is the only kind of object that can be created by the factory in Sigma0.

List of objects that the Sigma0 Factory can create:

  • Sigma0 ()
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