L4Re – L4 Runtime Environment
Cons, the Console Multiplexer

cons allows to multiplex console output from different L4 clients to different L4::Vcon-capable in/output servers.

Multiplexers and Frontends

cons is able to connect multiple clients with multiple in/output servers.

Clients are handled by a multiplexer. Each multiplexer publishes a server capability that allows to create new client connections. The default multiplexer is normally known under the cons capability.

Actual in/output is handled by separate frontends. From the point-of-view of cons, a frontend consists of an IPC channel to a server that speaks an appropriate server protocol. By default the L4.Env.log capability is used.

For clients cons implements the L4::Vcon and the Virtio console interface. The supported frontends is limited to L4::Vcon only.

Command Line Options

cons accepts the following command line switches:

  • -a, --show-all

    Initially show output from all clients.

  • -c <client>, --autoconnect <client>

    Automatically connect to the client with the given name. That means that output of this client will be visible and input will be routed to it.

  • -k, --keep

    Keep the console buffer when a client disconnects.

  • -n, --defaultname

    Default multiplexer capability to use. Default: cons.

  • -B <size>, --defaultbufsize <size>

    Default buffer size per client in bytes. Default: 40960

  • -m <prompt name>, --mux <prompt name>

    Add a new multiplexer named <prompt name>. This is necessary if output should be sent to different frontends.

  • -f <cap>, --frontend <cap>

    Set the frontend for the current multiplexer. Output for the multiplexer is then sent to the capability with the given name. The server connected to the capability needs to understand the L4::Vcon protocol.

Connecting a client

 create(backend_type, ["client_name"], ["color"], ["options"])
  • backend_type

    The type of backend that should be created for the client. The type is a positive integer and currently the following types are supported:

    • L4.Proto.Log: L4::Vcon client
    • 1: Virtio console client