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C++ interface of the Vbus API. More...

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Data Structures

class  L4vbus::Pm< DEC >
 Power-management API mixin. More...
class  L4vbus::Device
 Device on a L4vbus::Vbus. More...
class  L4vbus::Icu
 Vbus Interrupt controller API. More...
class  L4vbus::Vbus
 The virtual bus (Vbus) interface. More...
class  L4vbus::Gpio_pin
 A GPIO pin. More...
class  L4vbus::Gpio_module
 A Gpio_module groups multiple GPIO pins together. More...
class  L4vbus::Pci_host_bridge
 A Pci host bridge. More...
class  L4vbus::Pci_dev
 A PCI device. More...

Detailed Description

C++ interface of the Vbus API.

The virtual bus (Vbus) is a hierarchical (tree) structure of device nodes where each device has a set of resources attached to it. Each virtual bus provides an Icu (Interrupt controller) for interrupt handling.

The Vbus interface allows a client to find and query devices present on his virtual bus. After obtaining a device handle for a specific device the client can enumerate its resources.

Refer to L4 Vbus functions for the C API.

Include File
#include <l4/vbus/vbus>
Include File
#include <l4/vbus/vbus_gpio>
Include File
#include <l4/vbus/vbus_pci>