L4Re - L4 Runtime Environment
l4re_env_t Struct Reference

Initial environment data structure. More...

#include <env.h>

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Data Fields

l4_cap_idx_t parent
 Parent object-capability.
l4_cap_idx_t rm
 Region map object-capability.
l4_cap_idx_t mem_alloc
 Memory allocator object-capability.
l4_cap_idx_t log
 Logging object-capability.
l4_cap_idx_t main_thread
 Object-capability of the first user thread.
l4_cap_idx_t factory
 Object-capability of the factory available to the task.
l4_cap_idx_t scheduler
 Object capability for the scheduler set to use.
l4_cap_idx_t first_free_cap
 First capability index available to the application.
l4_fpage_t utcb_area
 UTCB area of the task.
l4_addr_t first_free_utcb
 First UTCB within the UTCB area available to the application.

Detailed Description

Initial environment data structure.

See also
Initial environment

Definition at line 109 of file env.h.

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