L4Re – L4 Runtime Environment
Here is a list of all modules:
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 Base APIInterfaces for all kinds of base functionality
 Basic MacrosL4 standard macros for header files, function definitions, and public APIs etc
 C++ IPC Interface Definition.APIs for defining IPC interfaces using C++ as language
 Cache ConsistencyVarious functions for cache consistency
 CapabilitiesC interface for capabilities
 Error codesCommon error codes
 Fiasco extensionsKernel debugger extensions of the Fiasco L4 implementation
 Flex pagesFlex-page related API
 Integer Types
 Kernel Interface PageKernel Interface Page
 Kernel ObjectsAPI of kernel objects
 Memory operations.Operations for memory access
 Memory relatedMemory related constants, data types and functions
 Object InvocationAPI for L4 object invocation
 EDID parsing functionality
 IO interface
 IRQ handling library
 Interface for asynchronous ISR handlers.This interface has just two (main) functions
 Interface using direct functionality.
 L4 IPC OpcodesList of protocol specific opcodes used for communication with L4Re and Kernel objects
 L4 VIRTIO Interface
 L4 VIRTIO Block Device
 L4 VIRTIO Input Device
 L4 VIRTIO Transport LayerL4 specific VIRTIO Transport layer
 L4 Vbus functionsC interface of the Vbus API
 L4vbus GPIO functions
 L4vbus PCI functions
 L4Re C InterfaceDocumentation for the L4Re C Interface
 Capability allocatorCapability allocator C interface
 DMA Space InterfaceDMA Space C interface
 Dataspace interfaceDataspace C interface
 Debug interface
 Event interfaceEvent C interface
 Initial EnvironmentC interface of the initial environment that is provided to an L4 task
 Kumem allocator utilityKumem allocator utility C interface
 L4Re Util C InterfaceDocumentation of the L4 Runtime Environment utility functionality in C
 Log interfaceLog C interface
 Memory allocatorMemory allocator C interface
 Namespace interfaceNamespace C interface
 Region map interfaceRegion map C interface
 Video API
 L4Re C++ InterfaceDocumentation of the L4 Runtime Environment C++ API
 Auxiliary data
 C++ Exceptions
 Console APIConsole interface
 Debugging APIDebugging Interface
 Event APIEvent API
 L4Re ELF Auxiliary InformationAPI for embedding auxiliary information into binary programs
 L4Re Protocol identifiersFix L4Re Protocol Constants
 L4Re Util C++ InterfaceDocumentation of the L4 Runtime Environment utility functionality in C++
 Logging interfaceInterface for log output
 Name-space APIAPI for name spaces that store capabilities
 Parent APIParent interface
 Region map APIVirtual address-space management
 Vbus APIC++ interface of the Vbus API
 Server-Side IPC frameworkServer-Side framework for implementing object-oriented servers
 Shared Memory LibraryL4SHM provides a shared memory infrastructure that establishes a shared memory area between multiple parties and uses a fast notification mechanism
 Sigma0 APISigma0 API bindings
 Internal constantsInternal sigma0 definitions
 Small C++ Template Library
 Utility FunctionsUtilities, generic file
 Atomic Instructions
 Bit Manipulation
 Bitmap graphics and fontsThis library provides some functions for bitmap handling in frame buffers
 CPU related functions
 Comfortable Command Line Parsing
 ELF binary formatFunctions and types related to ELF binaries
 Functions to manipulate the local IDT
 IA32 Port I/O API
 Internal functions
 Kernel Interface Page API
 Low-Level Thread Functions
 Random number support
 Timestamp Counter
 vCPU Support LibraryVCPU handling functionality
 Extended vCPU supportExtended vCPU handling functionality