Raspberry Pi and L4Re

Steps to get the Raspberry Pi running with L4Re.

Which variants of the Raspberry Pi are suited?


For interaction at low level with the Rpi (aka UART), you need a USB-TTL adapter to connect the serial port of the Rpi with your laptop/workstation. If you do not have one you can buy one (everywhere) on the internet, search for "usb serial raspberry cable" or similar. The cable has at least three connectors to plug into the Rpi (Ground/GND, TX, RX) and a USB connector on the other side.


For flexibility and common network-booting capabilities, we typically use u-boot as a boot loader on the Rpi. U-boot can be built from upstream u-boot.git without any issue. Pre-built u-boot binaries for both 32bit and 64bit can be found here. They shall work on all Rpi variants.

Preparing an Rpi for use

Getting and compiling L4Re via the L4Re-Snapshot

This gives step-by-step instructions on how to build L4Re for the Rpi.

Running an image on the Rpi4

Additional Information