Using Fiasco.OC-UX

Required Binaries

A Fiasco-UX system uses the same binaries as a native Fiasco-UX system, such as sigma0 and moe. It also provides and uses Fiasco-UX specific programs:
irq0Timer interrupt provider
ux_conFiasco-UX framebuffer console (optional)
ux_netFiasco-UX network provider (TUN/TAP) (optional)


Fiasco-UX can be started just like any other Linux program from a shell. For example to see a list of possible command line options, type:
./fiasco --help

The following list explains the most important command line options in detail.

-l module Load an executable module, such as an L4 program. You need not load sigma0 and roottask this way - they are always loaded automatically. To pass command line options to modules put the module name and the command line in quotes.
-m memsize Specifies how much physical memory Fiasco-UX emulates. The memory size is in megabytes and at most 1024 MB are supported.
-R "roottask args..." Specifies the roottask program and command line.
-G geometry Specifies that the framebuffer console should be started and which resolution and color depth it should use. This requires ux_con to be present. You need not load ux_con yourself, it will be done automatically.


Running Fiasco-UX is as easy as running the following in the build directory of your L4Re tree:
make ux E=hello
For further configuration please see l4/conf/Makeconf.ux.example, copy to l4/conf/Makeconf.ux and modify appropriately.

Shutting down

Pressing Ctrl-C at any time will invoke the built-in kernel debugger. To shut down Fiasco-UX and kill all L4 tasks press the caret key ^ at the kernel debugger prompt.