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L4::Irq_eoi Class Reference

Interface for sending an acknowledge message to an object. More...

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Public Member Functions

l4_msgtag_t unmask (unsigned irqnum, l4_umword_t *label=0, l4_timeout_t to=L4_IPC_NEVER, l4_utcb_t *utcb=l4_utcb()) noexcept
 Acknowledge the given interrupt line. More...

Detailed Description

Interface for sending an acknowledge message to an object.

The object is usually an ICU or an IRQ.

See also
L4::Icu, L4::Irq

Definition at line 43 of file irq.

Member Function Documentation

◆ unmask()

l4_msgtag_t L4::Irq_eoi::unmask ( unsigned  irqnum,
l4_umword_t label = 0,
l4_timeout_t  to = L4_IPC_NEVER,
l4_utcb_t utcb = l4_utcb() 

Acknowledge the given interrupt line.

irqnumThe interrupt line that shall be acknowledged.
[out]labelIf NULL this is a send-only unmask, if not NULL then this operation enters an open wait and the protected label shall be received here.
toThe timeout-pair (send and receive) that shall be used for this operation. The receive timeout is used with a non-NULL label only.
utcbUTCB to be used for this operation, usually the UTCB of the calling thread.
Syscall return tag.
If label is NULL this function is a send-only operation and there is no return value except for a failed send operation. In this case use l4_ipc_error() to check for errors, do not use l4_error(), because l4_error() will always return an error.

Definition at line 65 of file irq.

Referenced by L4::Icu::mask(), L4::Irq::unmask(), and L4::Irq::wait().

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