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L4::Irq_eoi Class Reference

Interface for sending an acknowledge message to an object. More...

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Public Member Functions

l4_msgtag_t unmask (unsigned irqnum, l4_umword_t *label=0, l4_timeout_t to=L4_IPC_NEVER, l4_utcb_t *utcb=l4_utcb()) throw ()
 Acknowledge the given interrupt line. More...

Detailed Description

Interface for sending an acknowledge message to an object.

The object is usually an ICU or an IRQ.

See also
L4::Icu, L4::Irq

Definition at line 43 of file irq.

Member Function Documentation

◆ unmask()

l4_msgtag_t L4::Irq_eoi::unmask ( unsigned  irqnum,
l4_umword_t label = 0,
l4_timeout_t  to = L4_IPC_NEVER,
l4_utcb_t utcb = l4_utcb() 
throw (

Acknowledge the given interrupt line.

irqnumThe interrupt line that shall be acknowledged.
[out]labelIf NULL this is a send-only unmask, if not NULL then this operation enters an open wait and the protected label shall be received here.
toThe timeout-pair (send and receive) that shall be used for this operation. The receive timeout is used with a non-NULL label only.
utcbUTCB to be used for this operation, usually the UTCB of the calling thread.
Syscall return tag.
If label is NULL this function is a send-only operation and there is no return value except for a failed send operation. In this case use l4_ipc_error() to check for errors, do not use l4_error(), because l4_error() will always return an error.

Definition at line 65 of file irq.

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