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L4::Exception Class Reference

Exception interface. More...

Inherits L4::Kobject_0t< Derived, PROTO, S_DEMAND >.

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Public Types

typedef L4::Typeid::Rpc_nocode< exception_t > Rpcs
 Exception call. More...

Detailed Description

Exception interface.

This class defines the interface for handling exception IPC. When an exception occurs during program execution, for example due to a division by zero, the kernel will synthesise an exception IPC and send it to the thread's exception handler, who can then handle it.

The exception handler is set with the L4::Thread::control interface.

Definition at line 42 of file exception.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Rpcs

Exception call.

regsRegister state of the faulting thread.
rwinReceive window in the address space.
[out]fpOptional flex-page to resolve the exception.
Message tag containing error code.

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