L4Re – L4 Runtime Environment
include.mk - Header File Role

The header file role is responsible for installing header file at the appropriate location.

The following variables can be used for customizing the process:


Source directory where the headers can be found. Default is the directory where the Makefile resides.


List of header files to install. If left undefined, then INCSRC_DIR will be scanned for files with suffix .h or .i.


When TARGET is undefined, then add these files to the headers found by scanning the source directory. Has no effect if TARGET has been defined.


When set, the headers will be installed in ${BUILDDIR}/include/contrib/${PKGNAME} rather than ${BUILDDIR}/include/l4/${PKGNAME}.


Base directory where to install the headers. Overwrites CONTRIB_HEADERS. The headers will then be found under ${BUILDDIR}/include/${INSTALL_INC_PREFIX}.


When set, a pkg_config configuration file is created with the given name.